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In 2007, Festival director, Jenny Lee, met an inspirational young woman called Anel on the plains of Thoera in one of the impoverished regions of Mozambique. 

Anel shared her dreams to travel, to learn to speak English, to see how other people lived and to help those in need. For a moment her eyes lighted up, her elegant straight back became even straighter, her smile brightened - in fact, her entire, usually demure, demenaour became enlivened at the thoughts of her future. 

But it wasn't long before someone else in the group reminded her that women in their community are not allowed to do the one thing that could make all those things happen, get an education. It was a luxury they could not afford.

Anel's countenance changed, her shoulders drooped and her voice became quieter. When we asked what she thought about that she said simply that she would submit to the needs of her husband. When we asked what she would do about her dreams, she replied "Ndinadsawapanga mschool". Our interpreter explained that she meant that she would tell anyone and everyone she would meet about the importance of getting an education and she would be empowered by her telling. So years later, Anel's dream lives on, in part, at the I Will Tell film festival which she named. 

The films we choose raise awareness of global and local issues alike: relationships, war, poverty, violence, disenfranchisementand racism. But more importantly they also teach us of the power of faith, hope, forgiveness, discipline, endurance, peace, reconciliation and love.

Since that fateful conversation, thousands have joined the conversation with us from different races, ages and walks of life. We hope that this year you will too
Story-telling is at the heart of who we are and everything we do. They thrill, inspire and empower us to dream the impossible. They transport us to another realm that allows us to face our greatest fears safely ... and tame them.

Whether it's in our financial and political networks, our global connections, the way we educate, what we choose to teach, the way we treat people of a different gender or race or persuasion, what is reported in the press, how we treat those who are closest to us, even how we have fun. story is a tool of power that is used to transform the way we live.

Our filmmakers dared to explore the length, breadth, depth and height of story in every facet of human activity. What they discovered along the way will thrill, challenge and inspire you to the core of your being.