30th Aug. - 9th Sept. 2017  GO TO FESTIVAL BOX OFFICE info@iwilltell.com

I Will Tell is a conversation that started years ago between festival director, Jenny Lee and an inspirational young woman called Anel on the plains of Thoera in Mozambique. See about the name for more information. 

This year we celebrate our 11th year with 11 Nights of insiprational films and discussions amd a Film Pitch as well as a live jazz and live orchestral performances.
We have an amazing collection of films about ordinary people who accomplish extraordinary things. There were some hard lessons to be learnt and phenomenal triumphs to be celebrated as they explored the length and breadth and depth and height of every facet of life. They faced rejection, misunderstanding, loneliness and ridicule, but they also had love, hope, courage and an unshakeable understanding that they were designed to overcome.

We also celebrate our first year in the USA on Saturday 9th December

As well as inspirational films, each screening is followed by a post-screening discussion with an inspirational panel. We also have a fantastic oportunity in a live-pitching session. But what truly makes each I Will Tell screening unique is the chance to hear your stories, your thoughts, your questions, your debate, your passion, your shout. That's why no two screenings are ever the same and that's why we say that you are I Will Tell.

We hope you will be joining us this year.